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The Cities Today Institute organises many events throughout the year, like City Leadership Forums, Airport Leadership Forums, Digital Roundtables, study tours and site visits.

Most events are invitation-only and attending local government officials are selected specifically for each occasion. 

However, if you do wish to be considered to attend one of our events, please fill out this form so that our organising committee can consider your request.

Thank you for your interest in the activities of the Cities Today Institute!


kimberly lagrue

"The Cities Today Institute leadership forums helped to define my role in growing our city’s vision of inclusive and equitable innovation, ensuring that all people can access city services, cutting-edge technology and economic opportunity."

Kimberly W. LaGrue
Chief Information Officer
New Orleans


"The Cities Today Institute provides an exciting opportunity to collaborate across borders, sharing our knowledge about the evolving role digital infrastructure, emerging technology, AI and data sharing will play in citizens’ lives"

Theo Blackwell
Chief Digital Officer

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"It made me rethink all other conferences. It was so useful in both building relationships and exchanging ideas."

"The Airport Leadership Forum was one of the most productive conferences I have attended, due to its small size, focused format and design of the setting to facilitate group discussions. Well done."